I Believe…

ImageI turned 51 this year. These are 51 things I believe:

  1.  Love does conquer all.
  2. Words matter.
  3. Creativity is essential for each person.
  4. Learning should never end.I Believe
  5. Yellow is seldom the best color.
  6. Money makes a difference.
  7. God is omniscient, omnipotent and omnibenevolent.
  8. God is bigger.
  9. Travel broadens.
  10. Mothers shape character.
  11. Water soothes and heals.
  12. Geography is destiny.
  13. Both light and dark are somehow needed.
  14. Do-overs are acceptable.
  15. Balance is over-rated. Often it’s better to tilt one way or another.
  16. The place where the ocean meets the shore is a sacred place.
  17. So is good church.
  18. So are libraries.
  19. Grace prevails.
  20. Elephants appear to be wise.
  21. Naps have value.
  22. Change requires narrative.
  23. It’s important to dream big.
  24. It’s also important to be kind.
  25. Listening is important, too.
  26. Our questions can matter more than our answers.
  27. Everyone’s spaghetti sauce is unique.
  28. We should never just accept mediocrity.
  29. Growth is good.
  30. Most thresholds should be crossed.
  31. We all need to make some kind of art. Expression matters.
  32. It’s okay to lean.
  33. Others should not define you.
  34. Joy is to be expected.
  35. Hope should triumph.
  36. Doing and being are not opposites.
  37. Why is always an appropriate question.
  38. History shapes everything.
  39. Passion is preferred.
  40. Some of the best things are written between the lines.
  41. Doubt and daring should not be wasted.
  42. My mom is right, it’s better to love people and use things, rather than vice-versa.
  43. Hard is not always bad. Difficult stretches. It can stretch too much.
  44. God loves stories. So do I.
  45. Hearts are breakable. Some heartbreak teaches. Some is just ugly.
  46. Ugly is more interesting than pretty. Both can be beautiful.
  47. It’s good to find moments to wonder and to wander.
  48. Everyone wants to feel valued.
  49. It’s okay to dance, even if you can’t.
  50. Patience is seldom a virtue.
  51. Grace is. That’s it. It just is.

Tomorrow there will probably be 51 new things to believe, and of course, like the Red Queen, sometimes I’ll believe six impossible things before breakfast. Believe it.


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