Stirring the imagination

Reality, it’s been said, is nothing more than that part of the imagination we can all agree on. Reality is a collective hunch. But imagination opens the eyes of the soul.

Albert Einstein said, “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” I believe him. I also believe Howard Thurman who said, “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” Imagination enlivens. 

Sometimes I think we all need to dwell more fully in our imaginations. I was thinking of the things that stir my imagination and made list. Just that act quickened the moment.  My imagination stirrers? 

  1. “In the beginnings”
  2. Abandoned museums
  3. Ballrooms full of waltzing people
  4. Belonging
  5. Biography
  6. Brilliant conversations
  7. Bubble baths the size of swimming pools
  8. Cathedrals
  9. Chocolate bunnies with their ears bitten off
  10. Circles
  11. Clever dialogue
  12. Confidence
  13. Conquest
  14. Cradles perched in the trees
  15. Dancing with abandon
  16. Decorated eyelashes
  17. Deep learning
  18. Deep red roses
  19. Discovery
  20. Divinity
  21. Dragons that fly
  22. Echoes
  23. Elaborate tree houses
  24. Exhibitions
  25. Extravagant gestures
  26. First impressions
  27. Fish with personalities
  28. Focal points
  29. Forgotten rooms in libraries
  30. Glory
  31. Gold
  32. Good intentions
  33. Happily ever afters with a twist
  34. Harbors
  35. Harpsichord music in a Gothic hall
  36. Hearth fires
  37. Hillsides full of lilies of the valley
  38. Illuminated letters
  39. Inkwells
  40. Intricate patterns
  41. Jazz
  42. Ladders into the clouds
  43. Laughter through tears
  44. Lazy Sunday brunches with best friends
  45. Lingering
  46. Little boy yawns
  47. Locked diaries
  48. Maroon
  49. Masquerading
  50. Meadows
  51. Messy artists’ palates
  52. Moonrises
  53. Much loved ritual
  54. Mystery
  55. Nervous butterflies
  56. Old ladies’ laughter
  57. Old, stuffed-to-the-brim jewelry boxes
  58. Opposites
  59. Personal islands
  60. Pink stuffed elephants who know choreography
  61. Praying hands
  62. Puddles made of summer thunderstorms
  63. Question marks
  64. Riding the wind
  65. Riding the waves
  66. Saturation
  67. Seashell fragments
  68. Sepia photographs
  69. Serenades
  70. Shadows from candlelight
  71. Shoulders
  72. Sisters
  73. Slipping into an afternoon nap
  74. Spontaneous poetry readings
  75. Starlight
  76. Statues that live in fountains
  77. Story tellers
  78. Tear stains
  79. The bend in the forest path
  80. The creation of pearls
  81. The faithfulness of dogs
  82. The palms of your hands
  83. The scent of lilacs
  84. The shadow of seahorses
  85. The world’s most delicious oatmeal cookies
  86. The writing on the walls
  87. Touch
  88. Treasure maps
  89. Unchartered destinations
  90. Unplanned shopping sprees
  91. Unspoken invitations
  92. Velvet opera capes
  93. Vessels
  94. Voyages
  95. Walking barefoot through brooks
  96. Well-plotted novels
  97. Whispers
  98. Willow trees
  99. Windmills to tilt at
  100. Wrinkles in people and situations

One response to “Stirring the imagination

  1. Love this. I could come up with a hundred too but here are 10: 1. sandboxes 2. church sanctuaries 3. spring days 4. honeysuckle 5. rocking chairs 6. people drinking tea 7. People who find the right word, not just the first word that comes to mind 8. Cold, clear mornings 9. old books and 10. pelicans flying over an ocean. Have an imaginative day!

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