Go ahead, jump

“Live your life on tip-toe,” the Rev. Don Stewart once preached at a conference staff meeting.

It sounds flip until you try it. Balance on the tip of your toes and your body automatically begins to anticipate. By reflex, you open up to a sense of adventure, that something just might be about to happen.

Preaching on one’s tip-toes can give a sermon a new pitch. Traveling on tip-toe makes you hurry up and slow down all at the same time.

At a recent Baltimore-Washington Conference staff meeting at the episcopal residence, while Bishop Schol cooked everyone lunch, I asked some of the staff to “jump” as I snapped their pictures.  They let go of their inhibitions as their feet left the ground. It was like living on one’s tip-toes in the extreme. There was no room for care – just a shard of a moment that felt like life wasn’t business as usual.

Jump. You’ll feel it.

The staff surprised me. People’s personalities were reflected in their jumps. Some took a running start and leapt. Others composed their jumps to be artistic; everyone raised their arms. It was praise. There was joy. There were even grass stains.

I love that the people were not afraid to jump, that they didn’t let propriety and party manners inhibit them. The conference staff jumped – with joy and bold certainty – the same way they do their ministries.




3 responses to “Go ahead, jump

  1. Melissa:
    Thanks for remembering what I said several years ago! Even us seniors can continue to “live our lives on tiptoe” as we anticipate what God is doing with our lives. Indeed, it is the only way for a disciple to live!
    Grace and Peace,
    Don Stewart

  2. I love this concept. I can feel my energy soaring just thinking about how I can incorporate it into my ministry. I also loved the picture. It truly expressed the concept of utilizing our personal style to bring something unique to serving God.

  3. This is fabulous! Thanks for sharing!

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