‘God calling’ sparks reflection


 In 1932, two women, who chose to remain anonymous, listened to God and wrote down what they heard.

Their writings were published in the devotional book “God Calling.” 


In January, the Rev. Rod Miller bought this book for several people at the Conference Center. The book sits in people’s offices and occasionally it speaks to its readers in ways they feel compelled to share.


May 6’s entry touched a chord within me, especially the phrase “sublime audacity.” I don’t yet fully understand the implications of those words. But they delight me. The following words are also echoing: 


Bury every fear of the future.

Be full of Joy

Do not limit God at all.

Hope all the time.

Wonders are unfolding.

How can you be overwhelmed when God is with you?

You are pilgrims.

It is the daily strivings that count.

Be quick to learn.

Pray daily for faith. It is Gods’ gift.

Service is the word of my disciples.

Never limit God’s power.

You are making one spot of earth a holy place.

Let inspiration take the place of aspiration.

Truth is many-sided.

Live in God’s presence.

There is no room for fear in the heart in which God dwells.

Nothing is small to God.

Absorb beauty.

Reflect. Persevere.

Make God real.

Claim big, really big things, now.

I, your Lord, am not only with you on the journey – I planned, and am planning your journey.

Go forward boldly.

Learn to love discipline.

Love and rejoice on the grey days.

Put love into action.

Claim great things.

Prayer re-creates.

Joy. Joy. Joy.



3 responses to “‘God calling’ sparks reflection

  1. Wonders ARE unfolding! What a great reminder! Thanks!

  2. Thank you for the reminder that I am frequently limiting God. If I am living in God’s will, the resources and opportunities will always be provided exactly at the right time. I use this devotional, God Calling, every day. It continues to amaze me that I frequently find exactly the encouragement that is needed for that day’s circumstances.

    P.S. Thank you for such an uplifting and inspirational blog. It brings a positive perspective to many of the challenges of bringing our ministries to life and living our lives to have the greatest impact in our spiritual growth.

  3. I am glad that I was able to read this tonight, you gave me a reminder to stop limiting God to what He is doing in my life. Letting go and letting God do His will in me is what I need to let Him do. Thank you .God Bless.

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