I learned some things in Boston


I spent the last week in Boston on vacation – touring historic sites and exploring the city. These are some of the things I learned:


  • Beauty is essential. We may not always miss its absence, but it delights and feeds us. Every so often, we need things that take our breath away.
  • “High church, all the “bells and smells” of formal worship, has liturgical meaning that draws people into the presence of God. It’s more than ritual; it’s drama, enacted on a sacred stage. I think the same is true of good politics.
  • The past really is prologue. History is really biography.
  • Creation never really ends. Democracy, nation-states, architecture, gardens and self portraits, are works in progress. They demand the best of our imaginations and attention.
  • The Freedom Trail, on which tourist can visit 14 sites by traveling a red line painted on the sidewalks and streets, is a great idea. Sometimes we might all benefit from having our own freedom trails, clearly defined lines that direct us to independence and the fulfilling of our destiny.
  • Not everyone looks twice at people in tri-corn hats and pantaloons.
  • Some ideas are worth dying for. Some are worth living for.
  • Communities can create astounding things.
  • A grand slam at Fenway Park on a spring evening really is truly a fine thing.
  • “C’est mon plaisir” is a good motto.

One response to “I learned some things in Boston

  1. Love the blog . . . and tri-corn hats & pantaloons. They are essential fashion items!

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