Mysteries of faith

“Life is either a daring adventure or it is nothing.” 

This is the sentiment of Helen Keller. It’s also the ideal way to begin a blog that celebrates the possibilities of God. The idea of God’s presence came to life for me most recently at ROCK 2008, when 5,500 youth and their leaders descended on the Convention Center in Ocean City for a revival.  Bishop John Schol called Owen to the stage.

It was Owen’s first time at ROCK. The bishop had watched him throughout the weekend. Owen stands out. He is in a wheelchair. He has long hair and wears a crooner’s hat. His face is bright in a way that makes you think he just heard and is considering an amazing secret. 

On the stage before everyone, the bishop blessed the bread and wine, transforming these everyday things into something mysterious and holy. When he turned to serve Owen, he hesitated. Owen’s illness made it impossible for him to eat anything.

Bishop Schol dipped his fingertips into the wine, and touched them to the sides of Owen’s mouth, making the sign of the cross. Communion merged with anointing. It was untraditional, but the Spirit descended just the same.  

Later, Owen’s mother shared the fact that this was the first time her son had received communion. In front of thousands, he witnessed to God, enacting the mystery of faith: “Christ has died. Christ is risen. Christ will come again.” A daring adventure indeed. I wonder where in your life this mystery and adventure are unfolding. 


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